The Ravens, Beyoncé, Ray Lewis and Pizza win the text-messaging Superbowl

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The Superbowl was discussed in more than 100 million mobile messages on Sunday – generating a 10% lift in messages compared to other Sundays.

ray lewisThe Superbowl was the country’s mobile messaging religion on Sunday – being included in messages 4 times more frequently than Church, 3 times more often than the movies, 18 times more often than shopping and 8 times more often than the weather (which was dominated by talk of snow).

Ray Lewis was the most talked about player – receiving a massive 7 times more mentions than second placed Jacoby Jones. Flacco won the battle of the quarterbacks – discussed 20% more than Kaepernick.

The team battle also reflected the final score, though by a wider margin than seen on the field – messages talking about the Ravens beat 49ers messages by a whopping 73%.

Beyonce-Super-Bowl-8Bucking the trend were the coaches – Jim Harbaugh was discussed twice as often as brother John Harbaugh.

However, the real winner of the Superbowl was Beyoncé – she was mentioned in 5% of all Superbowl related conversations – more than all the players combined.

Pizza was the most popular food discussed on Sunday, followed by cookies, cake and tacos. Bacon was talked about twice as much as salad.

HDmessaging analyzed over 15 million messages on Sunday using its patented MagicWords technology. MagicWords uses natural language processing algorithms to add contextual links to messages. This enriches users’ conversations with links to relevant information. People using messaging services powered by HDmessaging and talking about the Superbowl were provided with links to live scores, player profiles, news stories, videos and merchandise for sale.

“MagicWords gives people sports scores, videos and news right inside of their text messaging service – when they talk about their team, a player, Beyoncé, the game and more, our patented algorithms understand the context of the conversation and provide links to more information.” said Rob Lawson, COO of HDmessaging. “This means that people don’t have to toggle between apps, their mobile browser and messaging. We give them direct access to more information right inside of messaging.”


HDmessaging provide their MagicWords service to clients such as T-Mobile, LG and Globe Telecom.