What is MagicWords℠?

Text messages have traditionally been rigid and un-dynamic, consisting solely of text-based content occasionally with media attachments. The MagicWords℠ system adds useful, targeted content to each message while not disrupting the streamlined usability that has fueled text-messaging growth. Simplistically, MagicWords℠ analyzes the context of a conversation and adds links to particular words (MagicWords℠) in the messages that supplement and enhance the content.

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Consumer benefits:

  • Better user experience – no need to come out of messaging and find the relevant app to find a place to meet, check the sports score or book a movie ticket. Do it all inside of messaging – and share the results instantly with your friends.
  • Messaging is more useful and is re-enforced as the dominant application on the phone.

Operator benefits:

  • Happy consumers.
  • Differentiated messaging – better than OTT apps, better than SMS, better than your competitors.
  • Ability to participate in mobile content – brings content discovery & distribution back in the operator domain, and away from the app-store or browser.
  • Monetization and mobile advertising opportunities.

MagicWords℠ performance:

  • We currently detect MagicWords℠ in 15-20% of messages
  • Accuracy of MagicWords℠ context is 85% or higher in all categories
  • Click-through rates for MagicWords℠ vary between 1% to 8%, depending on category
  • Average time spent on each MagicWords℠ visit is over 1 minute
  • On average each MagicWords℠ visit views more than 2 pages