IP messaging: Operators lost $13.9bn in SMS revenue in 2011

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Ovum just released a report analysing the effect that IP messaging apps are having on SMS revenues. It concluded that Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook messages and other messaging applications resulted in

$13.9 billion in lost SMS revenue in 2011.

The BBC noted that the report’s author, Neha Dharia  “concluded that mobile operators must “work together to face the challenge from major internet players.”

“Operators must remain open to partnering with app developers, sharing end-user data with them and allowing integration with the user’s social connections,” she said.

“Working closely with handset vendors will also be important; they control some of the most popular social messaging apps, and can also provide preloaded applications.”

HDmessaging provides an IP messaging platform that is used by mobile operators like T-Mobile and handset vendors like LG.