Featured Partner: T-Mobile USA

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T-Mobile USA use HDmessaging to power Bobsled Messaging. This is available as a free download for Android devices through Google Play. It is also available for use on your computer through a browser at http://messaging.bobsled.com/. Other smartphone apps are coming soon. Bobsled takes advantage of the following HDmessaging features:

  • Group messaging
  • Media sharing (photos, videos, audio, etc)
  • Native SMS integration – send regular text messages and include text-only friends in your group conversations
  • Cloud synchronization – access all your messages and contacts from phone, tablet and web
  • Check-ins shared within conversations
  • Facebook integration

HDmessaging provides all the backend functionality for Bobsled, and also builds the clients and websites for the service. T-Mobile and HDmessaging are proud to work together to bring this exciting product to consumers around the world:

“With Bobsled, we continue to leverage and embrace the power of IP communications to bring seamless, cost-effective connections to consumers across networks, devices, countries and carriers,” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, T-Mobile USA. “With Bobsled, people can now send free one-to-one and group messages anywhere in the world, and access their phone’s contacts and text messages from their tablet or computer.”

Check out these videos that explain some of the great features and capabilites of the Bobsled service: