IDT Corporation Acquires HDmessaging

We are excited to announce that HDmessaging has sold its assets to IDT Messaging, a subsidiary of IDT Corporation.  IDT is a global, publicly traded (NYSE: IDT) telecommunications and technology company that, like HDmessaging, is extremely entrepreneurial and relies on innovation to fuel its growth. IDT intends to continue to support HDmessaging’s OTT messaging products […]


6 Mobile Messaging VC Investments You Might Have Missed In 2013

Interesting article on mobile messaging by Digital Media: “There’s little doubt that 2013 was the year of mobile messaging. WhatsApp continued its global dominance, surpassing 400m users, Snapchat bagged two significant funding rounds totalling more than USD100m, with a reported USD2bn valuation to boot and BlackBerry finally offered its Messenger app, the jewel in its […]


HDmessaging rides messaging wave to $3M funding round

Article re-posted from Pandodaily: “In case you were any doubt about just how threatened all the carriers and traditional messaging providers are feeling by the advance of WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and the likes, then here’s another data point for you: A white-label messaging startup called HDmessaging has just raised a $3 million funding round. HDmessaging […]


IP messaging overtakes SMS globally

Some fascinating analysis today from research group Informa (Ovum) who say that in 2012 mobile IP messaging overtook SMS messaging in volume. Informa estimate that nearly 19 billion messages were sent using IP messaging apps each day around the world, versus 17.6 billion SMS messages. By the end of 2013, Informa estimates that 41 billion […]

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The Ravens, Beyoncé, Ray Lewis and Pizza win the text-messaging Superbowl

The Superbowl was discussed in more than 100 million mobile messages on Sunday – generating a 10% lift in messages compared to other Sundays. The Superbowl was the country’s mobile messaging religion on Sunday – being included in messages 4 times more frequently than Church, 3 times more often than the movies, 18 times more […]


Globe Telecom & HDmessaging launch GMESSAGE Service

Philippine telecommunications company Globe Telecom becomes the first operator in Asia to launch GMESSAGE, a new mobile messaging service available to smartphone users worldwide. Built and managed by HDmessaging who also powers T-Mobile’s ‘Bobsled’ service and LG’s ‘LG Talk’ service, the GMESSAGE service goes beyond services delivered via standard internet connection by providing users with a […]


Boom! T-Mobile hits 1 million Bobsled users

                      Congratulations to HDmessaging partner T-Mobile USA who crossed 1 million users for their Bobsled service this week. HDmessaging powers the Bobsled messaging service. “T-Mobile is committed to expanding innovative communication experiences beyond our own wireless customer base to include people across all networks, devices, countries and […]


“Don’t sit back on OTT”

Chetan Sharma just released a fabulous report on what he calls Mobile Internet 3.0. We couldn’t agree more on his analysis of the need to proactively seek new revenue streams as core services move to IP, and not to succumb to being a dumb pipe for OTT services. “Don’t sit back on OTT services – The consequences of […]


IP messaging: Operators lost $13.9bn in SMS revenue in 2011

Ovum just released a report analysing the effect that IP messaging apps are having on SMS revenues. It concluded that Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook messages and other messaging applications resulted in $13.9 billion in lost SMS revenue in 2011. The BBC noted that the report’s author, Neha Dharia  “concluded that mobile operators must “work together to face the challenge […]


NYT: “Free Texts Pose Threat to Carriers”

This article gives a good overview of the current disruption in the mobile messaging space, and has some juicy stats: More than two trillion text messages are sent each year in the United States US texting generates more than $20 billion in revenue for the wireless industry Verizon Wireless generates as much as $7 billion a year […]